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With an undying desire to push what is possible with typography & lettering, Ben Johnston is a multi-disciplinary artist & designer that believes in a hand-crafted approach to all his design endeavours.

Born in Canada and raised in South Africa, Ben brings a diverse sense of influence to his work – finding inspiration from the small cultural nuances to societal differences that he encounters throughout his travels.


Nike, Google, Ford, Sierra Nevada, Adobe, Blue Moon, Aston Martin, Shopify, Lululemon, Canon, Chevrolet, M&M's, GAP, Rogers, Jeep, DDB, Hootsuite, Moosehead, Tourism Toronto, Shopify.


2017 Applied Arts Award for logo design

2017 Applied Arts Award for mural design

2017 TDC Certificate of Typographic Excellence - Environmental

2017 TDC Certificate of Typographic Excellence - Mural Design

2017 Print Mag Award for typography

2017 Communication Arts award for typography

2017 ADCC Award for installation design

2017 ADCC Award for environmental design

2018 GRAPHIS silver award

2018 Applied Arts Awards for Craft & Environmental

2018 Young Guns Finalist

2019 Communication Arts Award of Excellence

2019 Best Canadian Mural


2018 FITC Toronto

2019 Apple Canada

2019 OFFF Barcelona